100% Secure payment

Make your payment in complete security with the 3D Secure system used by all online sales sites.

We understand your concerns about the security of your web purchases, that is why we use the 3D Secure protection mode.

A 100% secured payment

Each time you make a CB payment online, an authentication request is automatically sent to your bank in order to limit the fraudulent use of a card number.

The 3D Secure is a program set up by Visa/Mastercard and is used by the majority of French banks.

The authentication method is left to the discretion of your bank: you will be able to provide your date of birth, a password, or more often than not to confirm a digital code which has been sent to you by SMS.

Warning, this system called "3D Secure" should not be confused with your credit card security code.

How to check that you are on a secure page?

When you validate the payment by credit card, you are redirected to the payment page of your bank which asks you to enter your credit card numbers.

You will notice that the address of the payment page starts with " http s://www. "opposit to the other classic web pages that start with "http://www.".

This "s" is the "s" of "Secure" which means that the data exchanged on this page is secure.

you will also find at the bottom right of your browser a pictogram symbolizing a padlock or a key depending on your PC's browser.

This second element, which is more understandable to the general public, confirms that you are on a completely secure page..

Data confidentiality

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose any personal data concerning you. We delete you from our newsletter lists at your request, and we can also delete your account.

(Warning: if you have made a purchase, it is not advisable to delete your account, as we need to be able to access your information in case of after-sales service etc...).

In addition, Chic Time assures you of the respect in the spirit as well as in the letter of the information that you provide us. The information requested (email, address...) is necessary in order to serve you better.

So your phone number can be particularly useful: we call our customers to tell them, for example, about a problem with the order, and our carriers often call before delivery, to check that you are at home, or to ask for more information about your address.

Navigation safety

Chic Time is hosted on secure private servers. There is no risk of infecting your computer during your visit.

Ergonomics, clarity of the conditions of sale and information on Chic Time

We pay great attention to good communication with you: simplicity of the ordering process, clarity of general information, detailed information about our conditions and services, delivery times,... We are constantly improving our content in order to be as transparent as possible,in our common interest! !

If in your opinion there are any elements that need to be clarified, please let us know! (Indicate "marketing" as the subject of your e-mail)

It is important that you can use the site smoothly and comfortably. In order to do this, we have invested in high-end web hosting, we have a very high bandwidth and a powerful server.

We are also working on functional improvements that will allow you to navigate with more comfort.

thank you for your attention,
Chic Time