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40 mm - 40 mm

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Did you know that Akribos is an innovator, the first one to craft the finest, most thought-after timepieces and head-turning styles for women and men worldwide? "Akribos" means Precise and Exact in Greek. The Roman numerals XXIV represent 24 hours in a day. Akribos is an innovator of TWI watches, taking their craft seriously, making the finest quality timepieces for over 2 decades now! Akribos XXIV Men Watch is a part of the TWI watches family, a global watchmaker in New York and Hong Kong. Currently, their headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York. Akribos XXIV produces a diverse selection of desirable chronographs, including durable sports styles with chunky shapes.

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Akribos makes performance the top priority, and you will see the finest details in their designs, amazing color combinations, best materials, and polished look and feel of the watch dial and case, all of that combined with the ease of the care and wear. You'll be able to tell the date, time, and time of the year with the chrono dial detailing, which is able to keep up with the active lifestyle of its owner! Their watches are awe-inspiring, unique, sleek, modern, and polished. You will be able to keep up with your lifestyle while looking and feeling trendy and on point! The brand is well-known for standing ahead of the fashion brand, delivering great quality and precision to its owner.  People from all over the world choose Akribos as the watchmaker of their choice. Recently, the brand partnered with Swarovski to be able to offer stunning designs and unique pieces to men and women everywhere. The collection showcases many amazing crystals and catches the attention of people around you, no matter where you go! Such an amazing armpiece can also work as a bracelet and accessory that will surely make the heads turn! Be in the center of attention with an Akribos watch, available at the best price here at Chic Time!  Akribos watches are crafted by using Swiss mechanical and quartz movements. The water-resistant capacity is up to 30 meters, which makes it perfect to protect from accidental water spills or rain.  Generally, Akribos watches are the perfect combination of price and quality you can find in any watch. The modern designs and sleek outlook makes Akribos timepieces the perfect choice for any watch lover of the best AVI-8 watches online.


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