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A synonym for elegance, class, and unmissable taste, versus by Versace is a true representation of beauty and elegance. The amazing collection of ladies' watches for all occasions is a dream come true for many fashionistas around the world. Featuring a famous medusa head logo by Versace and a more affordable price point, these watches are a must-have for everyone looking for a beautiful timepiece or a chic accessory. From emerald leather straps to dark grey steel dial and bracelet, the variety of the designs of the Versus by Versace watches will impress you. The best price? This line of Versace women’s watches is very reasonably priced, so you can wear them as an accessory and change them frequently! Made from stainless steel and frequently encrusted with rhinestones, these watches are subtly elegant and beautiful. We are sure that you will be happy with the selection of watch models by Versace at an affordable price. Being an absolute fashion icon, Versace brand has a wide selection of jeans, shirts, dresses, handbags, wallets, and sunglasses to match and complete your outfit. Every fashionista would be happy to receive a Versus by Versace watch as a gift.

Versace watch models for ladies

Moscova watch is a true luxury masterpiece that has a dial either fully gold, or deep red, contrasting with a gold case and bracelet. This watch will definitely turn some heads! Covent Garden is an absolutely luxurious model with geometric-shaped silicon bracelet and 2 rows or crystals around the dial.  Les Docks is a very delicate model with a thin jewelry-like gold bracelet, absolutely elegant and minimalistic. It could be a good addition to any evening outfit. Carnaby Street has a very interesting metallic bracelet and comes paired with a cord-like strap bracelet in addition to the watch.  Island Lion is a silicon watch in a variety of colors like hot pink! It is perfect for swimming or just lounging at the beach, yachting, and sunbathing. Domus is a fully white model with a silicon strap and a lion’s head engraving on its dial. Rue Denoyez is a 2-tone watch with a glitter dial and color-blocking theme which is very unique! A bracelet is made out of stainless steel and has big rectangular links which is also pretty unusual. Medusa Icon watch features a recognizable sculpture-like medusa head on its dial and beautiful leather straps. 

All Versus by Versace watches are waterproof and scratch-resistant, which makes them perfect for any outdoorsy activities, vacations, sports, and water activities. Select your favorite model now and get it delivered to you this week!


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