Marc Jacobs women's watches

Unique and trendy, ladies' watches by Marc Jacobs will definitely get you noticed. Match your mood or personality, dress the part, and be unique with Marc Jacobs.

Marc on the wrist

Having MARC on its dial, a woman’s watch by Marc Jacobs would surely not go unnoticed. Excellent and unique designs, catchy details, interesting shapes and unexpected elements – all these are features of cool, hip watches by Marc Jacobs. However, MJ also makes timeless classic models in gold-toned steel, rose-gold, 2 tone and monochrome. You’d be surprised to find out that these gorgeous designs are made by Marc Jacobs. Innovator and distruptor, he takes the fashion world by storm, takes inspiration from street artists and performers,  plays Hide and Seek with elegance and good taste, paints the night and defines the new urban style.

 Designs by Marc Jacobs

You would definitely not go unnoticed when wearing accessories by Marc Jacobs. His wallets, handbags, sunglasses, and bracelets re trendy and sometimes even scandalous! You can create a perfect ensemble and finish your look with few touches by MJ. There are chronographs, big dial watches, watches with mesh straps, dark dials with steel bands, minimalistic sleek watch dials and simple lines. Some ladies’ watch models feature big numbers, while others feature minimal roman numerals. In any case, watches by Marc Jacobs definitely stand out, assuring you that you made a great choice. They are perfect for anyone looking to express their individuality, make a statement, and stand out from the crowd. Perfect for every occasion, you can even have few watches for different outfits and weekdays! Some of the models are cheek and playful, while others are elegant and posh.  Such a variety of different styles makes those who favor Marc Jacobs come back for more and more. Completing an outfit with few finishing touches from the same collection became easy now. Now need to worry about pairing your accessories to your shows or dress – the color combinations are already pre-selected and polished, and you can combine different textures and styles for even bolder and bigger fashion statement! Those who fancy a bling would be excited to see models featuring colored crystals and rhinestones. For others that prefer minimalistic black and white or monochrome looks, there is also a Henry Skeleton watch model that is fully black.  Let your inner child speak up when selecting a beautiful unique watch model.


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