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Citizen is the top world-knows brand for men's watches. The variety of models, designs, and affordability of this watch collection makes it a perfect piece to own. Don't look any further than the men's watch collection by Citizen.
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Citizen -  the label made in Japan

Citizen's early years were based on the foundation of creating affordable timepieces for the Japanese public. Officially founded in the 1930s by Japanese and Swiss investors, the brand got its start even earlier, in 1918. This means that the Citizen brand counts more than 200 years of history of watch manufacturing, dedicated to quality and excellence! 

The brand was registered in Switzerland by watchmaker Rodolphe Schmid for timepieces he sold in Japan. The very first product was a pocket watch, which was a very popular and necessary item at that time. During the II World War, the brand really grew, thanks to the Swiss quality and traditions. Developed on the concept of “being an integral part of your life,” the first-generation models already had the distinctive character and features of the famous Citizen brand. Today, as well as many years ago,  Citizen makes it available to you – quality watch-making, superior levels of accuracy, and simple, practical designs. All of this while being affordably priced, making you look and feel good. The variety of men’s watches by Citizen won’t leave you or anyone else speechless, and will satisfy even the pickiest shopper’s taste and demand! Beautiful and stylish, men’s watches by Citizen also make a perfect gift for your loved one. 

Unique details of the Citizen watch

Men’s Citizen watches are one of the most exact watches in the world. The watches can synchronize with radio clocks in different countries such as Japan, North America, and Europe, automatically selecting the correct frequency by location. This makes them extremely precise and unique. Each Citizen watch actually tracks two time zones - home and world - but synchronizes to the 'home' zone. When traveling, the owner may switch between the 'home' and 'world' zones, thus enabling proper time signal reception while also monitoring the time in another time zone. This makes Citizen watches perfect for business travelers, tourists, and explorers around the world. The day, date, and daylight saving time settings are set automatically, so the person wearing them doesn’t have to worry. These features are comparable to the synchronization with atomic clocks found in Casio Wave Ceptor watches.  Citizen's watch dial is always round with a diameter ranging from 18 to more than 40mm. Depending on the model, you will be able to admire a white, blue, brown, champagne or grey dial. Men’s watches by Citizen also showcase a unique Super Titanium material, which is both scratch and corrosion-resistant, lightweight and suitable for people with sensitive skin. This results in a beautiful platinum and stainless steel color tones which set Citizen watches apart. While wearing such a watch, you will surely get noticed. Watches by Citizen have timeless look and feel, making them perfect for all generations. 

Nowadays Citizen brand also produces contemporary models, which are unique because they have clasps on the bracelet, making it convenient to adjust the size. You can be assured that such a watch will last you a long time!  There is a model for every profile and every age: chic, classic, extravagant, sporty, or urban. These watches are great gifts to give and to buy for yourself.  Chic Time is an official re-seller of authentic men's watches by Citizen. Great prices will make any shopper happy!


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