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Feel like a trend-setter in a stylish oversized watch by Diesel! Get ready to turn some heads and get attention while wearing one of our amazing watches by Diesel.
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Diesel Watches for Men are always standing out from the crowd with their edgy eye-catching designs and oversized attractive dialsDiesel is an Italian company founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978. Renzo was very passionate about making clothes by hand and loved stitching jeans for his friends. He used his mother's sewing machine to do that. In 1976, he worked with Moltex to learn the basics of a textile company. After two years, he used a loan to buy 40% of a company and changed its name to Diesel. That is the brand the jeans became really popular under.

As the company gained success and fame, Renzo decided to partner up with other manufacturers to expand the business. One of those was Fossil. They partnered up to give the world an incredible line of timepieces that would become a huge hit later on.

Fashion brand Diesel nowadays

Today, Diesel sells luxurious and extraordinary watches that are worn by the masses. Due to a comparatively affordable price range, Diesel is a common option for many when it comes to watches. Their watches are worn by people who love to look classy while keeping their pockets stable. You can recognize an authentic quality Diesel watch by the big dial. Men's Diesel watches are oversized.  This is a statement piece perfect for any modern man, whether a busy professional or adventure seeker, big city lover or a traveler.  A few of the famous men's watch models by Diesel are the Mega Chief Chronograph watch and Double Down watch, both of which are completely black. This is definitely a unique timepiece promised to turn heads and attract the attention of the opposite sex.  The Double Down watch has a comfortable resin strap, and the Mega Chief has a steel bracelet, and you can make your selection depending on your lifestyle and needs.  Then there is the men's Daddy 2.0 watch which is very big, with a diameter of 57mm and a thickness of 15mm. It has 3 smaller dials inside showing time in the different time zones. 

Something completely different is Diesel's Armbar model which is red and made out of plastic. It is perfect for outdoor activities, sports, snowboarding, surfing, running, playing volleyball or basketball, trekking, hiking, sailing, and doing other adventurous sports. It is also very noticeable in case you manage to lose it.  It is perfect for summer and has a 100 Meters water resistance

Men's Overflow Chronograph watch looks absolutely gorgeous with a combination of black and gold colors, quartz movement, and finest details. It looks absolutely classy and elegant and is able to complete any look.

As you can see Diesel offers a wide selection of affordable quality men's watches for any taste, budget and lifestyle. From sporty bright and khaki-colored models to polished and sleek pieces, oversized watches by Diesel will be a perfect addition to someone's accessories collection and a perfect gift.

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