Michael Kors women's watches

Discover our Michael Kors watches for women. Choose from classic and sporty styles, and find a piece that reflects your style and personality. Whether you're looking for a Michael Kors watch with a chronograph movement or quartz movement, our women's watches will add that extra touch of elegance. 


Dial diameter

16 mm - 49 mm



Michael Kors – a symbol of fashion and elegance

Michael Kors's woman’s watch is a symbol of the fine elegance of a busy woman living in a big city. In the end, Michael Kors is a brand established in the Big Apple, New York. For the busy career-woman or an active student, there are beautiful models of MK watches for everyone. From slim and sleek to oversized to sports watches, there are models to fit every budget and taste. All watches by Michael Kors are affordable and are in the lower price range while still not sacrificing quality and performance. Young professionals all over the world choose Michael Kors jeans, T-shirts, polos, dresses, jewelry, bags, and wallets to fit their taste and style while being stylish and beautiful. Don’t doubt when selecting Michael Kors, the timeless classic and a quality manufacturer. Michael Kors brand has been around for decades, introducing new stylish models, unique designs and patterns, while being comfortable, made from quality materials, and surprising with different motives and unique collaborations.

Pretty looks and beautiful designs of women's watches by Michael Kors

The finest lines of a sleek women’s watch by Michael Kors would be a perfect gift for any businesswoman or a young professional, an athlete, a dancer, an attorney, a teacher, an RN or a doctor, a professor or a musician, an actress or a writer! Whoever you are, Michael Kors has many amazing models like Pyper, Runway or Everest, and Sydney, which are bold and oversized. Addyson and Lennox have dials covered with tiny rhinestones, making them especially beautiful and unique. Some watches feature roman numerals while there are also smartwatches and very unique models like Lennox Pave. Let your individuality shine! Creative designs make Michael Kors watch be an affordable accessory that can match any outfit. There are classical black strap watches or delicate gold bangle watches which can be worn as a bracelet. In the world of women’s watches, MK is definitely an all-time favorite that won’t leave any lady bored or non-excited. 

If you are searching for a beautiful watch that would make an incredible gift, you came to the right place! The best variety of trendy low price Michael Kors watches for women available for you now!


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