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Elegant and sexy, men's watches by Guess will make you look and feel attractive. Look no further than our amazing collection of affordable timepieces by Guess.

History of Guess brand

Marciano brothers first created Guess jeans, which made it to the top charts of popularity. Major celebrities wore Guess jeans, popularizing them all over the world. So when Guess started making watches, everyone wanted a piece of the hip and cool brand. Guess became a really lifestyle brand, worn by confident and active people. Guess watches are manufactured by Callanen International, and the first watch was made in 1983. Popularity of the brand can be explained by the fact that Guess used creative marketing and shot outstanding campaigns that look simple, elegant, and daring at the same time. Models were shot outside wearing Guess denim and jewelry, sunglasses and watches. That appeal drew more consumers across the globe, and Guess brand quickly expanded. The most famous models and celebrities modeled for Guess, including Claudia Chiffer, Camilla Cabello, and Jennifer Lopez.

Stylish watches by Guess

Besides, Guess also makes really sexy watch models which would look perfect on your wrist. You can choose from any color like gold, blue, white, as well a strap that can reflect your personality as well - leather, stainless steel, steel chain, or a bracelet with clasp. You can also finalize your look with some fine jewelry by Guess, which you can also purchase from our website. Design of the jewelry by Guess is sleek, sexy and fabulous, incorporating crystals, rhinestones, silver and gold accents. For men you can select a leather bracelet or necklace with a pendant.

Guess offers a very affordable range of watches, all made from quality materials like steel, fine leather, quarts polished glass, and wide assortment of models to fit any taste and style. Guess Escrow is slim, sleek, light and neutral, perfect for a casual or business outfit, not too big or too noticeable. It is a perfect piece for everyday wear which will also tell you the exact time. Guess Horizon is bigger, more noticeable, with chronograph and date dials inside the main dial, winding mechanisms, and contrast casing. Guess Rigor is the biggest one of these men's watches, with big colorful numerals and contrast lining on the case. You can select a model with metallic blue colored dial to really stand out from the crowd!

Affordability of the Guess men watch line makes it a perfect gift for your son, for student or a teenager, and for any young professional, sports player, or traveler. Guess watches are perfect for switching in between them, depending on the outfit or occasion! They are perfect for any leisure activity because they are very subtle yet functional. The popularity of the brand cannot be downsized. Today the most unique and rare of the Guess watches are available for you straight from our store! Show now for fast delivery straight to your home!


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