Women's skeleton watches

Skeleton watches are a watch-lovers favorite. The design of skeleton watches enable you to see the inner workings of a watch and admire the detail that has gone into the crafting of this timepiece. For women, it's all about looks and if you like watches that have style and class then you'll definitely love skeleton watches.


Dial diameter

25 mm - 41 mm

Bracelet material


€105.00 - €255.00

A Skeleton watch is a mechanical watch where you can see its movable parts from both sides. If you are looking for something designer and vintage watch for your collection then take a look at the women skeleton watches selection at Chic Time.

With skeleton watches, add the newest styles, designs and limited edition watches to your timepiece collection perfect for every special occasion. Find your perfect ladies' skeleton watch that matches your attire and perfectly suits your taste at Chic Time exclusive timepiece collection.


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