Big watch

Big, bold, oversized, and bulky watches are available for you to choose from.  Shop the most unique and cool watch models now!

Do you think size matters? ;)

Do you like making a statement? Do you like living vividly, making memories of a lifetime?  Do you enjoy it when people pay attention to your bold style? Do you enjoy it when your accessories get noticed? Or do you just like the convenience of being able to see the date and time on your hand without squinting? Or maybe you want your watch to have more functionality other than just showing the date and time?

For every big personality and style, there is a watch that matches! Let your individuality shine with the big dial watch from Chic Time! Go shopping, run, play sports, or attend a concert or a meeting in one of our famous watches. Live unstoppably, dream big, and make your dreams come true!

Bigger is better! 

Get noticed in a big oversized watch from Chic Time! We would love to help you find a perfect watch for you with a round or diamond-shaped dial, with a leather strap, or maybe ceramic? Or do you prefer plastic, silicon, or mesh straps? Here at Chic Time, we have a big selection of big watches to satisfy all your desires! You got big hands - we got big watches! Diesel, Armani, Tissot, Seiko, and other top brands are available for your selection today.

Pay securely and enjoy the free shipping when shopping on our website. We offer fast international shipping for your convenience as well. Even if you are from a small country in Europe, we will still deliver to you ;) Because here at Chic Time, we love making customers happy!


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