Vintage watches

Do you get enchanted by the special look and feel of vintage watches and accessories, by the smells and textures of the real leather, true craftsmanship and timeless classic shapes and brands? Then our collection of the finest vintage watches is for you!

Our Vintage timepiece collection features limitless styles for every man’s needs!

The importance of owning a vintage watch cannot be downsized. Perfect for all genders and all generations, classy and timeless, vintage watches act as a bridge in time between different genders, nationalities, societies, and nationalities. Owning such a watch would give you a sense of belonging in a closed community or  a members-only club; it would surely be recognized anywhere you go, and you will get questions like - Where did you get such an amazing watch

Vintage watches offer quality, impeccable design and craftsmanship, luxury materials that have a polished look and feel, and details that are so unique and exquisite that you will spend a lot of time actually looking at your watch! A luxury watch is a source of attention and admiration, a source of satisfaction - knowing that you have such a piece in your collection, a sense of belongingness in a certain circle, or even a sense of contributing to your family heritage by owning the same watch as members of your family did!

Attributes of a luxury watch

Made with the highest quality details, with leather or steel band, polished to perfection, scratch and wear-resistant, embellished with precious metals and rhinestones, with all details crafted so delicately, our vintage watches will make the pickiest buyer happy! The feeling of perfection and may be even entitlement will stay with you from the moment you put such a watch on!

Whatever your desire and goal for owning a particular watch are, here at Chic Time we will be able to fulfill your desire or wish, and help you choose the best quality vintage watches out there! Whether you are looking for a top brand name or a unique rare item, we will be happy to offer it to you! You can be sure that all our items are authentic, and that you are getting a real quality item, no knockoffs.

Chic-time is the
best place to buy vintage watches for your style needs. Find the best timepiece with the watches collection and buy an amazing Vintage Watch for your unique vintage style.


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