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What is a skeleton watch? 

Skeleton timepieces are vintage watches known for their stylish looks and quirky addition to your watch collection. A skeleton watch is a mechanical watch with visible moving parts and a small cut at the back of the dial to see the mechanism inside. This means that you will actually see some parts of the movements, you will see what's going on inside the watch! And watching all those small precise movements is fascinating! You will see how much craftmanship and professionalism, precision and care goes into making each timepiece! Of course, some aspects in the watchmaking industry are automated now, but it would be amazing to think how people would assemble the watches by hand! This way you will feel extremely taken care of, you could really feel how someone participated in the making of this fascinating item you are wearing today.

Feels good, huh?

Skeleton watches became very popular recently as they offer a style statement, a call for attention, a mention of the fact that you are unique. The cuts on the dial can have different shape, style, color, and be decorated with precious metals, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, and more! This is where designers and watchmakers can get really creative. Your watch can be really trendy if you are looking to wear it as a fashion accessory.  Such a watch will shine, literary, because of the polished details and some extras on its dial. Such watches are usually a bit bigger in size which also makes the skeleton movement more noticeable. You can be sure to get noticed wearing such a watch! We highly recommend picking a skeleton watch when looking for a gift for someone special, someone who loves to be the life of the party, or someone elegant, sleek, polished, who can use a little detail that catches attention.

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