Sport watch

Stay active and sporty and measure your performance with the best watch models from our website. Quality materials and top performance to fit your busy lifestyle.

Don’t want to slow down, and need a watch that matches your lifestyle?

Thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkiesprofessional athletes, triathlonists, Olympian athletes, marathon runners, and not only! If you lead an active lifestyle, we welcome you to shop for the best sports watch on our website!

World’s finest sports watches are available for you now!

Best collection of water-resistantwaterproof, shock-proof, GPS watches, chronographs, aviator and marine watches, durable watches, as well as watches made from plastic, rubber, silicon, durable and lightweight materials perfect for all your activities - hiking, swimming, jogging, snowboarding, basketball, volleyball, hockey, skiing, trekking, even sunbathing and waking your dog! Enjoy your outdoorsy activities with a group of friends, teammates, or alone, without having to worry about time or distance.

Looking for sports watches that are sturdy, water-resistant, and well built to resist environmental stress? You came to the right place! Sport watches come with additional features such as a heart rate monitorstopwatch, GPS location monitoring, call answering and other smart tech features needed in a digital watch.

At Chic Time you will get both men's and women's sport watches with trendy designs and a classy look built to last longer than a conventional watch. All of this at an affordable price with a price match guarantee!


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