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What do you expect from a pair of sunglasses? Does it protect your eyes from the sun? Not only ! Sunglasses are essential fashion accessories. We no longer wear them to go incognito but on the contrary to be seen! They must match the clothes and the activity of the moment. At CHIC-TIME, we offer sunglasses sales so that everyone can find what they are looking for by spending sensibly.


With CHIC-TIME, during the sunglasses sales, you are sure to find the model that will please you. GUESS, GUCCI, CÉLINE, VERSACE in the top brands or CHOPARD, DIOR, CARTIER in the luxury brands all have the same desire: to offer sunglasses that combine eye comfort and sophisticated design. Acetate, plastic or steel frames, round, rectangular or oval lenses, flashy or more sober colours, nothing is left to chance. And to take advantage of all these attractive items, it would be wise to make your choice during the men's sunglasses sales and the women's sunglasses sales.


Sometimes it's fun to create a new genre or, for an evening, to play-the-celebrity-who-wants-to-remain-incognito. For you, ladies, who dream of becoming Jackie Kennedy, Rihanna or Cara Delevingne, CHIC-TIME offers women's sunglasses sales that can go up to -70%. What a great opportunity to be seduced by a purchase, all in all, quite reasonable!
Aviator, businessman, athlete or artist; give yourself, Gentlemen, a trendy or intellectual air by selecting the pair of sunglasses that will make your partner fall in love! To refine your style, the men's sunglasses sales at CHIC-TIME allow you to choose from 36 brands renowned for the quality of their work.

The primary purpose of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from solar radiation. It is therefore essential to choose the lenses best suited to your eyesight and... to the color of your eyes, since it is recognized that light eyes are more sensitive to light. CHIC-TIME not only chooses its designers based on fashion and design, but also pays particular attention to the quality of the lenses for optimal comfort.

At CHIC-TIME, the sunglasses sales are so dazzling that buying two pairs becomes necessary. Your banker will see nothing but fire!


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