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The historical backdrop of the brand counts 20+ years now. The brand was established in the US, now headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. "Akribos" means Exact in Greek. "XXIV" stands for 24 hours in a day. Have you noticed this? Akribos is a TWI watch trailblazer who approaches its art in a serious way and presently creates watches of the greatest quality. The Akribos XXIV ladies' watch is essential for the TWI family, an overall watch maker in New York and Hong Kong. Akribos XXIV offers a wide choice of chronographs, incorporating strong styles and designs with sleek shapes and beautiful accents.

Timeless designs with Swarovski crystals

Akribos makes execution the most elevated need, paired with a stunning design to create a sleek yet sophisticated look. For any woman that is busy with life and leads an active lifestyle, for a professional worker, for an assistant or adviser, a paralegal or a lawyer, Akribos makes sure to deliver impeccable quality and stunning design to make every lady happy and proud to wear such piece. Her watches are wonderful, extraordinary, refined, and clean. The brand is known for driving the style market and conveying great quality and precision to its owner. Colorful watch bands, leather and fabric straps, prints and bright colors, sleek shapes and colored rhinestones, bright crystals and gold-engraved dials with sleek strong arrows - all these elegant details would make every woman feel chic and stylish.  The brand as of late collaborated with Swarovski to offer wonderful designs and crafted selections to women all over the planet. The assortment shows many astonishing gems and will make sure to get the attention of people around you any place you are! Such an incredible arm candy deserves a special place in your watch collection. You can select a model with rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold accents, chain strap, mesh strap, rhinestone-encrusted strap, steel strap, and many more! This beautiful piece of jewelry will look gorgeous on any women's hand. Akribos watches are the ideal blend of cost and quality that you will find in their watch models. Look dazzling with Akribos XXIV watches -  the ideal decision for anybody searching for the best-looking watches on the web.


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