Citizen Eco-Drive men's watch

Citizen Eco-Drive watch

Precision watchmaking is not what it used to be. Today's watches embody technologies that would not have been imagined possible just a decade ago. As if that wasn't enough, these watches no longer need a battery or to be wound to work. They are powered directly by the sun's energy, which greatly increases their lifespan. The Citizen Eco-Drive watch is part of this new breed of watch. Highly accurate and equipped with the radio control function, these watches no longer need to be adjusted, which is the delight of many users.

How does the Citizen Eco-Drive movement work?

The operation of the Citizen Eco-Drive watch, which uses an energy production and storage system, is very simple. However, it is the most advanced in terms of its technological composition. These quartz watches are powered by a solar panel and a mini battery. Due to their particularity of accumulating and using light from all existing sources to produce electrical energy, the Citizen Eco-Drive watch benefits from a free and virtually unlimited reserve of energy. In addition, since the watch does not contain any kind of energy production mechanism, the user will not need to perform any special maintenance on it, which is another important advantage.

The miracle of photovoltaic at the service of cutting-edge watchmaking

Under its dial, the Citizen Eco-Drive men's watch has a thin amorphous silicon disc. It is this element that transforms light energy into electrical energy through the photovoltaic process. The electrical energy thus accumulated is then stored in a storage battery. This technique has already been used by other brands, but Citizen has taken care to perfect it. Never before has a recharging technique been so efficient. To be precise, the lifetime of a similar battery is well over 20 years. When the battery is sufficiently charged, it has an operating reserve of 2 years.
It should be pointed out that these special batteries are also environmentally friendly. They do not contain any substances that are harmful to the human body or the environment and are not found in conventional batteries.

Citizen Eco-Drive: the best of all radio-controlled watches

The Citizen Eco-Drive men's watch is undoubtedly the best of all radio-controlled chronographs of the moment. When the watch is exposed to darkness or low light, the second hand stops after 60 to 60 seconds. As soon as the watch is exposed to light again, the second hand starts up again and at the same time restores the exact seconds of the watch.

When the watch is continuously exposed to darkness (about 40-60 hours), the second and minute hands stop. Once exposed to light, they resume normal operation at the exact time, as if by magic.

While some Citizen Eco-Drive watches include a quick power-on function, others do not. The radio control allows the watch to be automatically adjusted twice a year, during the changeover from daylight saving time to winter time and back again.

Citizen Eco-Drive men's watch