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Want an accessory at the top of technology? The classic watch is not enough for you and the fashion of connected objects fascinates you? Succumb to the new trend of the connected watch. The most beautiful brands are gathered here to guarantee you the highest technological performance associated with an extraordinary design and style. Discover now our branded models Diesel, Emporio Armani, Micheal Kors or the flagship brand of our assortment: the connected watch Fossil.

Thanks to its ultra-powerful Bluetooth connection, discover the infinite potential of a connected watch. In perfect symbiosis with your smartphone, receive your notifications and calls. Simplify your daily activities by managing your photos and music with a single click. Be on top of your game! Thanks to its multiple sensors, your connected watch helps you reach your goals by accompanying you daily in your physical efforts. Simplify your travels by following the weather, activating your GPS positioning or following different time zones simultaneously. As a waterproof model, it will follow you everywhere! With its flashlight function or integrated alarm clock, make your watch an everyday ally.
What about recharging? Nothing's easier ! The average battery life of a Fossil Q connected watch is a maximum of 24 hours depending on use. Recharge it daily and very easily using its USB cable fitted with a magnetic charger.

Take your first steps in the luxury of the future and opt for a jewel of a new kind, with exclusive models of high quality connected watches. In a hybrid version, with an integrated or fully tactile needle dial, the leading luxury and watchmaking brands offer you elegant and ultra modern models. In leather, silicone or stainless steel, the finest materials and the most beautiful designs, hyper graphic, are associated with advanced technology and precision watchmaking. Metallic with sporty looks, for a modern and hyper trendy look, or ultra elegant, with a gold dial mounted on a leather strap, for a timeless classicism. The most modern and classy designs are brought together here in the service of connected technology. Get started now and discover our incredible collection of connected watches selected just for you.

connected watches