Seiko men's watches

The one and only, Seiko brand won multiple awards and was an official Timer at the Olympic Games all over the world. Pushing the limits and inventing new technologies, Seiko brand has a few distinguished watch models that would be perfect for any collector or an appreciator of the finest quality and look in watches. 

Seiko – unprecedented quality and deep heritage

Seiko is one of the oldest-founded Japanese watch-making brands. It was founded in 1881 by a 21-year-old entrepreneur Kintaro Hattori in Ginza, Tokyo.  It started with the production of jewelry and wall clocks which were really in high demand back then. In 1895 they manufactured the first pocket watch, a Timekeeper. Seiko brand is the first to make a wristwatch – the Laurel, which has a very unique design and a brown strap. They were also the first to produce a chronograph, and a dive watch, which was used during the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition! In 1921 Seiko pocket watch was appointed as Japan National Railway's official "Railway Watch" – the train operators were looking at Seiko watches to make sure the trains were on time, which is very important in Japan. Seiko was also an official timer of the 18th Olympiad in Tokyo in 1964. The rich history of the watch-making craft, experience, and culture makes Seiko one of the most thought-after watchmaking brands in history. 

The only one and original Seiko brand

As you can see, the brand is the pioneer and innovator of the watch-making industry, the first to go wider, bigger, to learn, invent, and implement! Seiko was the first one to manufacture a quartz watch, the Astron. Quartz watches are powered by a battery or a solar cell, and timekeeping is regulated by a quartz crystal which vibrates at a certain frequency, allowing for more accurate time representation. Gyro Marvel, an old, vintage model, is a representation of the finest quality craft and impeccable design with polished rounded glass and patent leather straps. In 1973 Seiko introduced the first electronic watch on the market.

Seiko makes the world’s finest watches, both in terms of quality and design. Men’s watches by Seiko are also affordable and can make for a good surprise. Seiko watches are, undoubtfully, a favorite of men and women from all over the world! Find out for yourself – order your perfect Seiko watch today! Seiko man’s watch would last a long time ad create timeless memories for you!

For the undoubtable style and quality, chose Seiko! The brand has always strived to be one step ahead of the rest, and so will you!


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