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Elegance and character in Emporio Armani's styles

Emporio Armani founder, Giorgio Armani started his career as a window dresser in Milan. This sparked his passion for men's fashion, and he eventually started making underwear, swimwear, and different accessories for men and women who adored his designs. A wide list of celebrities is associated with Armani, making him one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. The Italian fashion brand was one of the fastest-growing in the entire world 15 years ago, anchoring itself in key cities around the world such as London, Paris, New York, Milan, and Tokyo. It is now considered to be Italy's second Fashion House behind Prada.

Armani watches are manufactured under the Armani Group with a partnership with Fossil. Armani's men's watch models are frequently shown during the Milan Fashion week. In 2001, to further enhance the Armani Group’s continuing strategy to take greater control over all aspects of manufacturing, distribution and retail throughout its various product lines,  the company decided to form a  joint venture with Vestimenta SpA, which has been one of the Armani licensees since 1979. This made all men’s and women’s pieces of Giorgio Armani to be truly "made in Italy". The company also opened the first Giorgio Armani Accessori store in Milan. Next establishment was the new Armani Theater, which was completed in collaboration with architect TADAO ANDO. Armani Corporation also has multiple hotels, bars, and restaurants all over the world, so the rich, hip and trendy can also rest and dine in style.

Now, let's talk about the features of the Armani Watch

Emporio Armani line offers white dial watches, navy blue dial watches, and many more luxury designs. With all these colors Armani watch models look polished and expensive. Owning an Emporio Armani watch says a lot about its owner's classy look and expensive taste. Perfect for elite businessmen and trend-setters in Europe, America, Dubai, and other countries, such a watch would be able to complete any upscale ensemble while staying classy and looking professional. With such sophistication and style, you can never go wrong with an Armani watch, whether you are shopping for yourself or for a gift. The global history of watchmaking makes the Armani brand to be greatly desired by fashion influencers and professionals everywhere. Armani watches are high quality and built to last, delivering impeccable quality and timeless style to their owners. If you want to make a lasting impression and own a watch that will help you create memories of a lifetime, look no further. A luxury timepiece by Emporio Armani will spark the best feelings and moments of your life!


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